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Tennis School ATTAK - Ghent



Address: Korte Moeie 16, 9900 Eeklo

Tel: 09.377.45.87

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What Belgium is most famous for abroad? You won’t be surprised when you hear that tennis is considered our national treasure.

 Kim Clijsters & Justine Henin have been the face of Belgian tennis for years. They’ve won prize after prize, title after title, but not without immense effort. Even top talent needs a coach.

ATTAK is the result of the combined forces of three highly qualified trainers.
Bob Bierkens -  Pieter Van Hyfte  - Filip Versluys
Bob is an ex – A player who has been trainer and coach at the VTV School in Wilrijk, for 8 years.
Amongst his pupils were tennis champions like  Xavier Malisse, Kristof Vliegen, Dick Norman and Gilles Elseneer.
Pieter works as VTV Be-gold coördinator. Previously, he was a trainer in The Netherlands.
Filip, for the past 20 years, has been working in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen with a group of regional champions.
It’s with these skills and passions that ATTAK was founded.
From toddlers to adults, from amateur to advanced, from private to group: ATTAK offers a wide selection of classes to dig up the best in each player.

Kids are introduced to tennis in a fun way, so eye-hand coordination can develop spontaneously.
Teenagers are encouraged to take it a bit further.
They get the chance to compete on a club level, regionally, provincially, nationally, even internationally! There is also the opportunity to become a trainer or assistant.
Adults : absolute beginners or advanced players in search of perfection:  the ATTAK team is at your service.
During Spring you even get the chance to prepare as a team for the Interclub!

One golden rule: at any age, at any level, it should be FUN!
ATTAK won’t let your  racket cool down…
Bitten by the tennis bug? ATTAK has several training venues:

Tc Eeklo - www.tceeklo.com
Tc lovendegem - www.tclovendegem.be
Tc Borluut (St-Denijs-Westrem) - www.tcborluut.be
Tc Orbis (Waarschoot) - www.tcorbis.be
Tc de Krijte (Oostakker) - www.tcdekrijte.be

Don’t hesitate to contact Tennisschool ATTAK:

Pieter Van Hyfte:  0477 446 383 pietervanhyfte@yahoo.com
Bob Bierkens:  0494 333 707 bob.bierkens@gmail.com
Filip Versluys:  0475 65 92 88 fversluys@yahoo.com


Tennisclub ATTAK


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