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October 2013
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Restaurant Week at Midi Station Brussels

Foodies, make sure you don't miss this one! At Midi Station, where the noble art of fine dining is being practiced with vigour, 'Restaurant Week' is happening right now! Until the 14th of December, you can enjoy the culinary highlights of Midi Station's kitchen, of which we...

The Best Hotel Room... Steigenberger Grandhotel wins the award!

For professionals in the field, the awards of The Corporate Traveller Magazine are an equivalent of the Césars, or BAFTA, or Oscars in tv and cinema. The Best Hotel Room for Corporate Traveller Awards, created in 2013, judges hotels on criteria like design, services, innovations... with a...

Luxury and Ecology:...Hotel Stanhope Shows the Way

Those who claim that luxury is by definition something that only makes your ecological footprint heavier, are proven wrong! It might be tempting to think that high quality lodgings, superior food and top-notch service include some damage for the environment, but that's simply not true. On...

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Epicurean delights ... Business as usual at Midi Station Brussels

And you can take the business part in a very literal way ... For those who often wine and dine with work purposes, Midi Station is a real haven. Business lunches can end up being quite tedious,...

Restaurant Week at Midi Station Brussels

Foodies, make sure you don't miss this one! At Midi Station, where the noble art of fine dining is being practiced with vigour, 'Restaurant Week' is happening right now! Until the...


Zin in schaatsen maar de vijver in je achtertuin mist nog wat minus 0 temperaturen? In Knokke hoeft dat geen probleem te zijn! De Ijspiste op het Verweeplein is toegankelijk van 29/11/2014 - ...

Ibn Battuta Gate: Heaven in Dubai

Dubai has such an immense variety of hotels that it can be a daunting task to select one of the gems that are on offer. All styles, sizes and categories are yours to choose from. However, if you...

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The South West of the United Kingdom has much to offer, that we all know. Magnificent views, a balmy climate, plenty of spots to surf, swim and...

In the era where travelling was still a prerogative for the elite, and one didn't just grab a backpack for foreign adventures, a House was found...

The Hotel - Brussels

The Hotel Brussels, close to the chique Avenue Louise , is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive places-to-stay in Brussels. This upmarket...



What is Kensingway (KSW) about?

Luxury, Sports & Meeting in Style! Kensingway™ (KSW) is an online platform and exclusive community of women & men who enjoy...

Kensingway founders personal testimony about 'finding love'...

My wife and I are not ashamed to admit that after our mutual <strong>divorces</strong> from our ex-partners years ago, we actually had a...

Why Kensingway does not use complicated algorithms to find your ‘match'?

Many dating websites claim that they can help you find your “soulmate” via mysterious algorithms - after tremendously long questionnaires...

Facing the vote from our Ksw-community?

To become a free dating member at Kensingway (and there are many, so why not give it a try…) you need to get voted in by existing members who...

Why you should try 'it' online ?

Online communities can bring you in contact with potential partners you would otherwise never have met... you wouldn’t even have known they...

The benefits of 'exclusive' dating...

Browsing through all those online profiles may overwhelm you and this will surely happen when you are using one of the bigger dating websites ...

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Blue Buddha Lounge - Knokke

A long weekend provided us the perfect opportunity to check out the Blue Buddha Lounge in Knokke. Those who are familiar with nightlife at the seaside will undoubtedly know the Buddha Bar at the beach. This Bar has become some kind of legend in its own right: in summer, it's the home base...