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October 2013
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Optima Open 2014 in Knokke!

It's the time of the year again... tennis lovers head to Knokke, to admire the legends that they've been following and cheering on for decades. The greatest names in tennis take the field at Optima Open 2014. From 14-17 August 2014 , you can see John McEnroe, Greg Rusedski, Xavier...
Fitness & endurance

Don't miss this yoga retreat in Spain!

TRANSFORMATION & MINDFULNESS YOGA RETREAT, 25 – 29 AUGUST, 2014 In need of some revitalization? Don't hesitate, pack your yoga mat and join Ramona Rouhdoust & Surya Retreats at theTransformation and Mindfulness Yoga Retreat on the Costa Brava, Spain! Escape from your daily...
Dating & Love

In Defense of the Silver Fox

If we are to believe recent headlines in the newspapers, 39+ men “become invisible" at 39. This unconvincing ‘news’ is the product of a recent survey - conducted by Crown Clinic Manchester —in which is stated that men become sexually uninteresting to (young) women...

Why should I become a Kensingway member?

The Kensingway (KSW) online community is meant to be an exclusive Sports Club , founded for the purpose of networking, creating personal relationships & friends. As any ‘real -life’ community it is based upon the principle that people like to hang out with their peers; may it be...

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Say YES to 'Nun's Buttocks'

For those of you who are not familiar with one of the sweetest pieces of Flemish heritage (and you can take the 'sweet' very literally!), or for those that have been on a diet since birth,...

Caviar and the Queen...

... Belga Queen, that is. True to its name, laden with royal allure and the perfume of culinary nobilitas, Ghent's Belga Queen offers customers the delicacy that has been at the top of...

Luxury and Ecology:...Hotel Stanhope Shows the Way

Those who claim that luxury is by definition something that only makes your ecological footprint heavier, are proven wrong! It might be tempting to think that high quality lodgings, superior food...

Optima Open 2014: The Legends Rock It Again!

This year's Optima Open Event was another manifestation of athletics, brilliance, and some good 'ole fun with the biggest names in tennis. With so many highlights it's difficult to list...

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Optima-Open-2014-The-Legends-Rock-It-Again Optima-Open-2014-in-Knokke


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Kensingway Members



Just Cavalli - Knokke

Whether it's a club, a restaurant, a hotel or a boutique, we present you our choice of weekend tips and favourite addresses . We wish you a...

Coin Fleuri - Knokke

Whether it's a club, a restaurant, a hotel or a boutique, we present you our choice of weekend tips and favourite addresses . We wish you a...



What is Kensingway (KSW) about?

Luxury, Sports & Meeting in Style! Kensingway™ (KSW) is an online platform and exclusive community of women & men who enjoy...

Kensingway founders personal testimony about 'finding love'...

My wife and I are not ashamed to admit that after our mutual <strong>divorces</strong> from our ex-partners years ago, we actually had a...

Why Kensingway does not use complicated algorithms to find your ‘match'?

Many dating websites claim that they can help you find your “soulmate” via mysterious algorithms - after tremendously long questionnaires...

Facing the vote from our Ksw-community?

To become a free dating member at Kensingway (and there are many, so why not give it a try…) you need to get voted in by existing members who...

Why you should try 'it' online ?

Online communities can bring you in contact with potential partners you would otherwise never have met... you wouldn’t even have known they...

The benefits of 'exclusive' dating...

Browsing through all those online profiles may overwhelm you and this will surely happen when you are using one of the bigger dating websites ...

KSW Partner Corner

Blue Buddha Lounge - Knokke

A long weekend provided us the perfect opportunity to check out the Blue Buddha Lounge in Knokke. Those who are familiar with nightlife at the seaside will undoubtedly know the Buddha Bar at the beach. This Bar has become some kind of legend in its own right: in summer, it's the home base...