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October 2013
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Scapa Polo Beach Knokke - RT92 Night

Free download* of your portret picture here! Right click " Open in new window " for higher resolution. * Kensingway is a private community. In order to provide a trusted and secure environment for our...

Only White Party at the Knokke Casino!

Free download* of your portret picture here! Right click " Open in new window " for higher resolution. * Kensingway is a private community. In order to provide a trusted and secure environment for our KSW...

Why should I become a Kensingway member?

The Kensingway (KSW) online community is meant to be an exclusive Sports Club , founded for the purpose of networking, creating personal relationships & friends. As any ‘real -life’ community it is based upon the principle that people like to hang out with their peers; may it be...

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The new guide of Hotels Knokke is out!

So, what is the purpose of the VIP card...? Did you know that hotels pay substantial commissions to reservation systems like BOOKING.COM orHOTELS.COM ? When you make a reservation by ...

In Defense of the Silver Fox

If we are to believe recent headlines in the newspapers, 39+ men “become invisible" at 39. This unconvincing ‘news’ is the product of a recent survey - conducted by Crown...

Yoga, it's a guys' thing

When you hear the word 'yoga', chances are that you think of a horde of bendy girls in supertight gym clothing, performing awkward moves. Not a moment you consider that the ancient practice...

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Yoga-its-a-guys-thing The-Ideal-Yoga-Surf-Holiday


The-new-guide-of-Hotels-Knokke-is-out Emporio-Armani-Brussels


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Abercrombie & Fitch - Brussels

Abercrombie & Fitch doesn't need an introduction: one of the world's most trendy but also most controversial labels, with a following...



What is Kensingway (KSW) about?

Luxury, Sports & Meeting in Style! Kensingway™ (KSW) is an online platform and exclusive community of women & men who enjoy...

Kensingway founders personal testimony about 'finding love'...

My wife and I are not ashamed to admit that after our mutual <strong>divorces</strong> from our ex-partners years ago, we actually had a...

Why Kensingway does not use complicated algorithms to find your ‘match'?

Many dating websites claim that they can help you find your “soulmate” via mysterious algorithms - after tremendously long questionnaires...

Facing the vote from our Ksw-community?

To become a free dating member at Kensingway (and there are many, so why not give it a try…) you need to get voted in by existing members who...

Why you should try 'it' online ?

Online communities can bring you in contact with potential partners you would otherwise never have met... you wouldn’t even have known they...

The benefits of 'exclusive' dating...

Browsing through all those online profiles may overwhelm you and this will surely happen when you are using one of the bigger dating websites ...

KSW Partner Corner

Blue Buddha Lounge - Knokke

A long weekend provided us the perfect opportunity to check out the Blue Buddha Lounge in Knokke. Those who are familiar with nightlife at the seaside will undoubtedly know the Buddha Bar at the beach. This Bar has become some kind of legend in its own right: in summer, it's the home base...