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October 2013
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Fashion & Beauty

Why should I become a Kensingway member?

The Kensingway (KSW) online community is meant to be an exclusive club, founded for the purpose of networking, creating personal relationships & friends. As any ‘real -life’ community it is based upon the principle that people like to hang out with their peers; may it be from a...
Dining & Nightlife

Midi Station Brussels: Adventures with Aroma

Situated in the colourful south of Brussels, amidst a fascinating blend of cultures, you can find Midi Station. This trendy (and consequently) popular spot is another place where genius and creative jack-of-all-trades Antoine Pinto has worked his magic. Just when you thought you’d seen it...
Dining & Nightlife

Belga Queen: Get your Eargasm

It’s fair to say that Belga Queen Ghent’s appeal has many roots, but it’s even more fair to state that this temple of urbane culinary chic thanks its brilliant reputation to the magic from one visionary man. Culinary wiz, architect and interior designer (dubbed Belgium's...

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Kensingway founders personal testimony about 'finding love'...

My wife and I are not ashamed to admit that after our mutual divorces from our ex-partners years ago, we actually had a few years of fun using...

Why Kensingway does not use complicated algorithms to find your ‘match'?

Many dating websites claim that they can help you find your “soulmate” via mysterious algorithms - after tremendously long questionnaires...

Facing the vote from our Ksw-community?

To become a free dating member at Kensingway (and there are many, so why not give it a try…) you need to get voted in by existing members who...

Why you should try 'it' online ?

Online dating can bring you in contact with potential partners you would otherwise never have met... you wouldn’t even have known they...

The benefits of 'exclusive' dating...

Browsing through all those online profiles may overwhelm you and this will surely happen when you are using one of the bigger dating websites ...

KSW Partner Corner

Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof in Ghent: a Visit in Style!

History buffs, trendsetters, art lovers and anyone who likes a night on the town are spoilt in Belgium, with its rich and diverse offer of attractions. Ghent is amongst the select few that can boast to be a treasure chest of history and modern art, ancient atmospheric pathways and a vibrant...